China Charity Fair (CCF)is a comprehensive national charity gathering cosponsored by Ministry of Civil Affairs, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), People's Government of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and China Charity Federation. Thanks to the generous support and active participation of people from all sectors of society, China Charity Fair has been successfully organized in Shenzhen since 2012 and grown into an important platform for various charitable bodies to exhibit and exchange their products, and to communicate and co-operate with each other. It has also become a main carrier and beneficial form in the improvement of modern charities.

The third China Charity Fair has successfully accomplished three expected goals and effects. Firstly, diversity of participants and variety in display settings and organized activities fully exhibited the achievement and strength of Chinese public welfare and charity industry. 16 seminars, 13 news release conferences and 73 interactive salons and experience activities were organized in the fair. Meanwhile, 7 tour lines centering on social innovation were set up and an image studio was established where more than 600 micro films on public welfare were played during the China Public Welfare Image Festival.

Secondly, the fair witnessed active participation and made significant achievements in resource matchmaking. 896 organizations and programs took part in the charity fair, and 438 matchmaking projects established with a total value of RMB5.079 billion. 

Thirdly, the fair attracted attentions from various sectors of the society and exerted huge influence, effectively promoting the culture and advanced ideas of public welfare and charity. Delegates from 26 provinces, regions and municipalities were attracted to the event and the total number of visitors was over 160,000. More than 120 media, such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, Nanfang Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Tencent and Sina and about 600 journalists reported the event. There are 3,000 related news reports, 400,000-word original media manuscripts and more than 600,000 pieces of information on WeChat and Microblog.

High evaluation and praise from state leaders and government officials

--- Wang Yong, State Councilor

I hope China Charity Fair can continue to serve as an important platform and improve the function of charities in poverty alleviation.

----Li Liguo, Minister of Civil Affairs & President of China Charity Federation

China Charity Fair has become a nationally influential platform to exhibit the achievements of the charity industry, to deliver information about public welfare and charity, to matchmake the charitable resources and to promote the culture of modern philanthropy. We should strive to make the event an everlasting activity which can radiate profound influence both in China and in the whole world. 

---Dou Yupei, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs & Vice Chairman of China Charity Federation

The third China Charity Fair is innovative in form, rich in content, remarkable in effect and high in quality. This regular event is getting better and better.

---Xie Jingrong, Vice President of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Charity is our institutional brand and common spiritual home. We need perseverance and persistence in creating a social environment where people comply with the requirements of charity, are inclined to idea of helping others and willing to do good things in life. We also have to further the openness and socialization of the charities with the aim to promote the development of China-featured socialist public welfare and charity industry.

---Yan Xiaofeng, Secretary-General of SASAC

China Charity Fair is the only comprehensive charity gathering at the national level. It has played a positive role in spreading the culture of charity, advocating the idea of charity, matchmaking the resources of charity and carrying forward the core socialist value.

---Wang Rong, Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPPCC 

Shenzhen will continue its system and mechanism innovation, charity resource attraction, charity culture promotion and public trust improvement. It will promote the popularization, normalization and sustainability of charity participation in order to make the idea of ‘everyone participates in the public welfare’ and ‘everyone contributes to charity’ become the conscientious pursuit and life style for people in the city.

---Deng Haiguang, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province

Guangdong province will continue to make public welfare and charity as an important part in its social construction. We will take the China Charity Fair as an opportunity to promote related programs and the culture of charity. We will also explore new system and mechanism and innovate working mode with the aim to achieve faster and better development of the public welfare and charity industry.

---Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen

The annual China Charity Fair is becoming better and better each year. It is now a well-known brand and reflects the characteristics of Chinese people’s livelihood. I hope it can exert greater influence in the world.

The theme, form, activities and matchmaking effects of the fair get recognition from people of various sectors of society. They all admit that a number of ‘butterfly effects’ are achieved by the impressive event.