Organization Announcement of the 4th CCF Notified by SASAC
发表日期:2015-08-19 17:19:53

All central enterprises, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities specially designed by the State Council of China, and the SASAC of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCCS):

     The 4th China Charity Fair (hereinafter referred to as the 4th CCF), the only national, comprehensive and international gathering corresponded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, People’s Government of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and China Charity Federation, will be held in Shenzhen on September 18 to 20, 2015. Now to successfully organize and coordinate the matchmaking work, relevant particulars are notified as follows:

1. The Profile of the 4th CCF

(1) Time and Location.  Time: 2015.9.18-20;

Location: Hall one, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

(2) Fair Positioning.  Global charity maker space; the matchmaking platform of all elements of charity resources; Display platform of social responsibilities ofChinaenterprises; National, comprehensive and international annual charity gala.

(3) Main Contents.  The whole pavilion is divided into three sectors: Display & Communication Sector; Conference & Seminar Sector; Supporting Activities Sector. The specific contents include: Setting-up of a total of eleven Charity Sectors (including Alleviation, Group Innovation Space(GIS), Education Charity, International Charity, Disaster Relief, Charity Finance, Charity Supporting, Ecological Charity, Community Development, Social Service, and Social Responsibility); Resources Matchmaking Platform Sector(including Online CCF Display)and Charity Experience Sector(including Charity Fair, Charity Video Hall and other charity experience activities); Conference holding such as Topic Seminars and Special Sessions. Additionally, the 4th CCF is responsible for such relevant activities as China Charity Public Welfare Projects Contest,ChinaCharity Video Festival, Charity Ranking, Social Innovation Journey, Charity Information Conference, Charity Festivals, "Green Fair" Initiative, and Charity Grand Ceremony Conference.

2. Job Specification

(1) Mobilize widely; activate the exhibition

      All central enterprises are required to actively participate in fair activities and the display under the theme of fair. All SASAC nationwide should positively mobilize and organize local state-owned enterprises (SOE) to take part in the fair, especially SOE with charity financing plan of poverty alleviation. The 4th CCF will innovate the layout of pavilion. For instance, every theme pavilion will be specially equipped with a public activity area, so as to provide relevant institutes and projects with a road show platform and services for charity projects. The Charity Fair will also be specially set up in forms of charity auction, charity sales, and charity consumption, acting as a display and interaction platform for various charity products, charity tools, and charity facilities. In addition, the 4th CCF will hold activities such as “CCF Enterprise Social Innovation Case Selection” and “Global Corporate Social Innovation Seminars on Excellence Projects”. All central enterprises and SOE are supposed to take an active part in relevant activities according to its practical situations.

(2) Matchmaking Analysis; contract-signing converge

     All central enterprises and SASAC nationwide are required to run statistics on enterprise annual charity financing plans (including Poverty Alleviation Public Financing Plan and Overseas Enterprise Public Charity Plan), and complete the online submission requirement based on the exhibition guide for application and registration(see appendix). These central enterprises and SOE nationwide are encouraged to conduct launching and bidding work on relevant financing plans via the platform of the 4th CCF. At the midst of the fair, the 4th China Charity Fair Organization Committee Office (hereinafter referred to as Organization Committee Office) will make further statistics and summary job collecting relevant resource matchmaking statistics from all central enterprises and SOE. The Organization Committee Office will put forth efforts on providing resource matchmaking services to hold special contract-signing ceremonies for those projects that have finished charitable resource matchmaking or reached the collaboration purpose.

(3) Application, theme pavilion and conference holding

All central enterprises and SOE nationwide are encouraged to combine its own characteristics and resource advantages to submit relevant hosts of specific projects such as Charity Sector, Special Sessions, and Supporting Activities to Organization Committee Office. They can also apply for publishing relevant charitable information on enterprise social responsibilities through the fair platform.

(4) Organize inspection; reinforce communication & study

     In compliance with relevant regulations from the center, all central enterprises and SOE nationwide should organize relevant units and charitable organizations from its own system to attend the exhibition. They are supposed to actively participate in various seminars and other communication and interaction activities like “Journey of Social Innovation”, which is aimed at strengthening the communication and study with public charitable organizations at home and abroad, the same charity industry, and brother provinces, area, and cities.

    (5)  Strengthen contact; assign responsibilities

All central enterprises and SOE nationwide ought to conscientiously implement all the requirements conveyed in this document, meanwhile pay high attention to and make careful arrangement on relevant mobilization job of the exhibition. With a positive connection with the Organization Committee Office, all the enterprises can learn more details about the exhibition, resource matchmaking, and other relevant cooperation information. In return, enterprises should timely send relevant exhibition info, trends, and related requirements from the Organization Committee to all related units. Information of specially-assigned persons selected by central enterprises and SASAC nationwide in charge of exhibition registration as well as the contact need to be faxed to SASAC of the State Council Research Office by June 16th.

3.  Contact Us 

     All the exhibition registration work of the 4th CCF (including exhibition application, competition application, resource matchmaking, and seminars) can be found on the registration port of the official website of the 4th CCF ( Please log in or sign up on before the registration deadline, August 10th, and join in the exhibition, completing relevant resource matchmaking according to the registration guide (see appendix). For more details and information about the 4th CCF, please log in the official website or call at the consultation hotline of Organization Committee Office: 0755-12349 (Workdays: 9:00-18:00)

(1) Contact the Organization Committee Office through:

Registration website:

Consultation Hotline: 0755-12349 (Workdays: 9:00-18:00)


(2) Contact SASAC Council  State Research Office through:

   Person to contact: Li Yang  




        Appendix: Registration Guide on the 4th ChinaCharity Fair


   Office of SASAC     

July 6th, 2015