The 2019 International Public Welfare Seminar —— “Show Determination of a Great Power and Secure a Decisive Victory in Battle Against Poverty in 2020” was sponsored by CCF Organizing Committee, and co-organized by China Global Philanthropy Institute and Shenzhen CCF Development Center. Through international exchanges, cross-industry efforts and industry linkage, this seminar gathered many pioneers and researchers in charity, politics, business, academic field and media field all over the world to engage in discussions on the core problems, weak links and key chains of poverty alleviation, as well as the hotspots and difficulties in charity development, aiming to provide reference for the construction of the long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation and the charity development and innovation in the new era, at the same time, it also aimed to pool wisdoms for the exploration and innovative development of China poverty alleviation and contribute to the world’s poverty reduction.