1. Exhibition Area for Charity and Rural Revitalization 

The first is the display of charity subjects, which takes the form of setting up exhibition area of charity cities and corporate social responsibility to focus on the outstanding contributions of charity cities, caring enterprises, social organizations, Internet public fund-raising information platforms and charity figures in consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty eradication, helping rural revitalization and promoting the development of charity. The second is the display of charity projects, which focuses on the representative and influential charity projects in promoting rural revitalization and participating in solving livelihood problems, as well as the fruitful results of the organic combination of the charity industry with education, environmental protection, science and technology, finance and other diversified fields in the way of "charity + field". Among them, a special exhibition area for rural revitalization will be set up to show exemplary projects and charity samples in helping rural industrial, education, talent, cultural, ecological and organizational revitalization, especially the unique and innovative small-and-micro charity projects, and to comprehensively demonstrate the active exploration and innovative solutions of social forces in rural revitalization.

2. Exhibition Area for Beautiful Countryside Empowered by Public Welfare 

Firstly, to focus on displaying a series of industrial development projects, geographical indication products, special agricultural products and cultural tourism products launched in the process of consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty eradication and implementing the rural revitalization strategy, supporting rural development through project roadshows, product experience, order procurement, investment cooperation, attached donation sales and charity sales; at the same time, to leverage the role of exhibition platform, cooperate with the e-commerce platform to explore the establishment of a pioneering demonstration network for public welfare consumption assistance, attract caring enterprises and social organizations to provide support in various aspects such as technical guidance, packaging design and brand promotion, and make positive contributions to the sound production and marketing of the docking system for agricultural products. Secondly, to highlight the new technologies, means and solutions of social forces to promote rural revitalization and innovative development of charity, especially new applications of scientific and technological public welfare products and solutions in helping the disabled, the elderly, the young, emergency rescue, the protection and development of traditional villages and towns, and the protection and development of rural ecological resources, so as to empower rural economic and social development.

3. Exhibition Area for Charity Culture Popularization

It focuses on three major functions: public welfare popularization, interactive experience, and public welfare exhibition and performance. First, to present charity culture and convey public welfare concepts more vividly with the focus on the development of the party building and charity industry, policies and regulations, cultural concepts, and personal deeds, etc. Through rich and diversified expressions such as public welfare reading area, flash museum, and interactive experience device, it.    Secondly, through the scenario-based, thematic and interactive presentation, the audience can experience the participation of emerging public welfare and continuously enhance the audience's participation. Thirdly, a public welfare exhibition area is set up to provide a rich and diversified display space for exhibitors and projects, and to provide the audience with the opportunity to participate in public welfare activities up close.