The Sixth China Charity Fair, with the theme of “Creating a Better Life Together with Targeted Poverty Alleviation”, will be held from September 20 to September 22, 2018 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition halls include Targeted Poverty Alleviation Hall (Hall 1) and Special Hall for Consumed Products for Poverty Alleviation (Hall 6).

Pavilion One is set as exhibition hall for targeted poverty alleviation, which is divided into eleven exhibition areas and two special areas.

Two special areas: 

I. Special area for promoting projects in serious poverty regions

To show diversified demands of poverty relief projects in “Thee Regions and Three Prefectures” (three regions refer to Tibet, Tibetan regions in Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, and Yunnan, and Khotan, Aksu, Kashgar, and Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture in south Xinjiang; three prefectures refer to Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan, Nujiang Prefecture in Yunnan, and Linxia Prefecture in Gansu) in a concentrated mode by means of project demonstration, promotion, and road show, in order to stimulate and mobilize the activity of governments, enterprises, social organizations, and the public to participate in it, and promote the precise and highly-effective connection with social charity sources and serious poverty area.

II. Special area for demonstrating achievements of brand projects
To fully demonstrate the achievements of brand projects with outstanding effect, remarkable achievements, and wide influence, such as typical projects within the scope of “China Charity Award”, “Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day”, and “Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages” project carried out by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, in order to become models for the poverty alleviation development in deep poverty-stricken areas.


Nine themed exhibition areas: 

I. Exhibition area for health poverty alleviation

To demonstrate measures, cases, and modes adopted by the society for improving medical guarantee level in poverty regions, multiform social assistance of diseases, improving medical service capacity, and enhancing public health service, in order to ensure that the health of the poor public is under management, patients could be cured, medical costs could be reimbursed, and the serious diseases could be relieved.


II. Exhibition area for education poverty alleviation

To show the projects of study assistance and intelligence improvement and experience modes by demonstrating how to promote the development of education in poverty regions and that of basic quality of labor force there

III. Exhibition area for industrial poverty alleviation

To show the poverty alleviation modes and cases by demonstrating how the forces around the society could proactively drive and promote development of poverty regions and increase the income of poor farmers with the market as the guide, the economic benefit as the center, and industrial development as the leverage.


IV. Exhibition area for poverty alleviation by entrepreneurship and employment

To show the experience, practices, and typical cases about how to implement the policies and measures for poverty alleviation by entrepreneurship and employment in poverty regions, improve the construction of carrier for employment, enhance employment service and skill training, and deeply carry out labor service cooperation.


V. Exhibition area for technical and ecological poverty alleviation

To show and promote projects adopting scientific and technical means to implement and develop advantages of local resources in poverty regions, and to show the characteristic industries with relatively stable market, which could tightly combine development with ecology during poverty alleviation process.


VI. Exhibition area for Corporate social responsibility

To show and promote the contributions actively made by central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises in terms of performance of social responsibility, participation in targeted poverty alleviation, and promotion of development of charity undertakings, and demonstrate the corporate idea of strategic public interest and excellent cases, charity projects, and outstanding achievements made by the enterprises during performance of social responsibility.


VII. Exhibition area of social service

To introduce the organizations and projects providing social service, psychological assistance, and community support to public groups who are in difficulties, at the social margin, in vulnerable condition, or in troubles, in order to conclude the development and exploration of social organizations on the way to mobilize social resources, expand service space, participate in supply of government public service, and more targeted individual social service, and the new journey of social service by breaking through tradition and stepping in a diversified and innovative supply mode in recent years.

VIII. Exhibition area for technical and finance charity

To demonstrate technical public interest projects with inspiration, innovation, sightseeing, and significant social influence that could promote public interest means, create public interest modes, connect with social resources, improve public interest efficiency, and help special groups participate in social activities and create social value by utilizing emerging technology, big data analysis, internet technology and by “charity + finance” , etc.

IX. Exhibition area for international public interest

To show advanced ideas, innovative projects and operation modes within overseas charity area, and successful experience and excellent charity projects held by domestic enterprises and social organization when participating in promotion of “One Belt One Road”, which could highlight China’s soft strength in charity development.