China Charity Fair (hereinafter referred to as CCF) is an annual grand gathering related to charity affairs, which is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, People`s Government of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Government, and China Charity Alliance, and is a national, comprehensive, and international activity which has been and will be permanently settled in Shenzhen. Since 2012 when it was held for the first time, CCF has already become a national platform with the most influence for demonstrating achievements made by development of charity undertaking, connecting charity resources, and spreading modern charity culture, which could be an important carrier to promote the development of charity undertaking in an innovative, sustainable, and sharing form, and a critical window to improve social construction and lead the China’s charity undertaking to the world.

In order to improve the exhibition effect of charity projects in the Sixth China Charity Fair as well as its professional and standardized level, please read the Instructions herein carefully.

I. Main body for Application and Projects for Exhibiting

1. The main body for applying to participate in the Sixth CCF should be any social organization, governmental and public institution, and enterprise that is legally registered for establishment, or any organization that has not been registered but filed at the authority of civil affairs or recommended by relevant lawful unit, or any organization that has already registered or filed according to Management Regulations of the People’s Republic of China for Domestic Activities by Overseas Non-Governmental Organization, and none of which abovementioned has any record of violating laws or regulations within the year before application;

2. The content for exhibiting should be related to public interest and charity, and a single unit could apply to exhibit several projects (it could apply to exhibit in different themed areas, but for each single area, it could apply to exhibit 3 projects at most).

II. Standards for Selecting Exhibition Project

1. The objectives of the project for exhibition should be clear, including the benefit object, anticipated outcome, and strategic direction;

2. The design of project should be reasonable and feasible, including the realizability of activity, the fund-raising ability, and the capability of risk management;

3. The project should be enforceable, including the project team’s capability of management, project management rules, and the influence of the project to the benefit groups, partners, and society.

4. The project should have effective and innovative solution for solving any social issue, including the operation mode, technical tools, cross-field cooperation, and resource integration.

III. Application and Exhibition of Projects, Road Show, and Salon

1. Time for application

From June 20, 2018 to July 30, 2018.

2. Application procedures

For application, please download and fill in the Form 1: Application Form for Exhibition.doc

and send it to together with any attachment;

For application of participating in any road show and salon, please download and fill in the Form 2:Application Form for Salon & Road Show.doc

, and send the Form 1 and 2 to together with any attachment.

For any question, please contact 0755-22314863 or send email for inquiry. The results for application review will be notified via email before August 31.

3. Project exhibition

1) Any project will be exhibited in the international public-interest exhibition area within the main exhibition hall of the Sixth China Charity Fair;

2) Any unit which applies for special decoration should read the Instructions to Decoration carefully, and should carry out the work of design, setting up, and demolishing based on relevant requirements;

3) Any unit that has not applied for special decoration should submit the details for exhibition as required. The construction unit of main hall will be fully responsible for designing and setting up the exhibition area with the organizing committee’s approval;

4) During the Fair, the participating unit should assign its staff on site for explanation, Q&A, and interaction and exchange; if any participating unit fails to participate in the Fair on site, it should authorize the Sponsor to exhibit relevant projects;

5) All staff of participating unit should wear corresponding permits, and should be in formal wear, which should represent the unit’s style;

6) Participating unit please fill in the questionnaire before the Fair is completed, for your precious suggestion or advice could help CCF make further progress and development.

Administration Office of Organizing Committee of China Charity Fair

June of 2018

Form 1  Application Form for Exhibition for the 6th CCF.doc

Form 2  Salon & Roadshow Application Form for the 6th CCF.doc

Form 3  Information Release Application Form for the 6th CCF.doc