Announcement: Priority List of 4th CCF Exhibitors Published
发表日期:2015-08-19 17:20:01

Dear exhibitors:

The Organization Committee of the 4th China Charity Fair (CCF) is now releasing the list of the priority batch of exhibitors, after verification of the following criteria:

l  Projects among Twin Top 100 Projects ofChina Charity Public Welfare Projects Contest;

l  Projects in preceding CCF sessions;

l  Projects under a body with influence, popularity and innovation capability in the industry;

l  Creative, demonstrative and feasible exhibitions in the field of public welfare;

l  To keep balance, projects subjects should be balancing among provinces, those from remote areas, Hong Kong, Macao andTaiwanenjoy priorities;

l  To keep balance, projects subjects should be balancing among service areas;

l  Management reserves the right to denying participants’ qualification if bad record is found.


So far, the second batch of exhibitors is now being examined and will be published soon.


Please log on our website to check our newsfeed, read relevant instructions and make preparations. Particularly, the Organization Committee Office may adjust exhibition areas for some exhibitors. If so, we will notice you promptly of the change.


We look forward to your participation, self-expression, interaction and matchmaking. Hope you can benefit from this grand gala.



The CCF Organization Committee Office

Aug 7, 2015