Fourth China Charity Fair Kicks Off in Shenzhen
发表日期:2015-09-18 17:33:12
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    Butterfly fluttering Its Wings, Initiating Great Love for China

    On September 18, 2015, the 4th China Charity Fair (CCF) is held in Shenzhen.

    Since its foundation in 2012, CCF has been very influential. Now Butterfly Effect of CCF is a hot topic in China. Relevant Leaders of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said that the CCF has become the country’s most influential platform with the widest coverage to display charity achievements, release charity information, share charity resources, and spread charity culture, giving an important impetus for development of the charity course.

    Socialized Exhibition Brings Boundless Vitality

    With the model of “Government Support, Society Participation, Market Operation, People Sharing,” the 4th CCF has socially funded a non-government and non-profit organization, the CCF Development Center, which is specifically responsible for the exhibition’s overall operation and execution, to further improve the cooperation between government and society and promote professionalization and socialization in preparation work.

    Since the 2nd CCF, the idea “Meeting-centered and exhibition-assisted” has been put forward. The focus of the Fair began to shift to “meetings,” further highlighting the role CCF plays in presenting the industry’s development trend and leading the industry. Wang Xin, the head of Business Development and Delivery Center for NPI Consulting Group in South China, said that the CCF this year has established a Theme Committee to effectively professionalize those meetings by presenting specific hot topics to organizers instead of choosing topics on their own.

    The 4th CCF continues to hold the idea “Meeting-centered” and its core value, learning form the model of Davos and Baoao Forum for Asia. It has a Theme Committee that consists of experts, scholars and other relevant persons in the charity industry. Taking into account the development trend of charity course, its characteristics as well as some difficult issues in the field, the Theme Committee has put forward annual topics of the CCF to further reach common understanding in the society, aiming to make the Fair an international, high-end, diversified, and interactive platform and a distribution center of advanced ideas and theories and of innovative models.

    “The CCF invites you to be an partner of the Fair; together we raise money and we invest money on projects. It is a win-win situation.” In late June, the CCF Organization Committee Office made announcement that 6 sectors are all open to social organizers, to improve their socialization and professionalization.

    As one of those 6 sectors, the CCF Conferences and Seminars has drawn lots of attention since the announcement. Of all the 20 seminars, 19 are hosted by social institutions and only one -- the theme seminar--by the Organization Committee, to discuss the development trend of charity course as well as 4 hot and difficult issues, i.e., the “Internet plus,”internationalization, philanthropic makers, and philanthropic innovations.

    CCF echoes “Encouragement of mass entrepreneurship and innovation”

    Group Innovation Space is an outstanding feature of this fair, which demonstrates more than 200 cases in terms of innovation, entrepreneur, maker and venture philanthropy. Besides, it also introduces international certification for social enterprises.

    Hou Lisha, Deputy Director of Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shenzhen Municipality, said that “We hope that CCF can have good impact on charity affairs. It is a win-win situation.”


                                                 Great Effects of CCF

    In 2012, Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke Board, presented China Charity Fair Organization Committee a “butterfly”, hoping that CCF can has “butterfly effect” and a force to change society. In 2015, 4th CCF also receives a butterfly art work from Brazil-China Federation. The past 3 years is an important step for Chinese charity organizations’ internationalization.

    International Charity Pavilion is an outstanding feature of this fair, which demonstrates more than 200 cases in terms of innovation, entrepreneur, maker and venture philanthropy. Besides, it also introduces experiences of international social enterprises and excellent domestic institutes and projects.  

    Ge Xiaoling, chairman of Brazil-China Culture Communication Association,said that the association has two projects in the fair and it wants to have better communication with other institutes. “Now many other institutes are seeking new operation model, hoping to promote charity development.”

    In addition to exhibition halls, CCF invite many excellent foreign institutes and projects to the fair with the help of Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN). The director of AVPN considers that CCF has made much progress in resources matchmaking, it is an attractive platform.

    It is said that this fair also invites many charity professionals, including representatives from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation.

    In the past few years, China charity organizations have had their presence in the global stage in terms of their charity diversity and internationalization. “Internationalization is an outstanding feature of the 4th China Charity Fair. The fair has been devoted to promote China’s charity organizations and projects both home and abroad.” Hou Lisha, Deputy Director of Bureau of Civil affairs of Shenzhen Municipality, said.

    “This is the third time for us to participate in the CCF, the 4th CCF has an area called International Display Pavilion, which coincides with the mission and vision of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation(CFPA). Since 2005, our foundation has started its internationalization. Now it has registered in Myanmar and Nepal and and projects in Sudan, Ethiopia and Cambodia”, director of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation said. CFPA has raised about 80 million yuan for international assistance in Sudan, Ethiopia, Nepal and Cambodia. In the fair, CFPA will demonstrate its progress made in terms of internationalization and share experience with overseas NGOs to help Chinese social organizations enlarge global presence. 


                                           Resources Matchmaking: Key of the CCF

    In the past, lots of projects are short of money while corporations and foundations are short of projects. In 2012, the first Fair has 272 projects, valuing 13.8 million yuan. Since 2014, online CCF is available. The trading volume of 3rd CCF is 5.079 billion yuan. The 4th CCF improves resources matchmaking data base and the trading volume is likely to exceed 10 billion yuan. Resources matchmaking is the soul of CCF.

    Themed as “Poverty Alleviation, Great Love”, CCF is taking efforts to highlight the support for charity.

    This year CCF resources matchmaking platform launches “Social Philanthropy Partnership” and invites many foundations, corporations and government departments, providing support for 2,588 institutes and projects.

    The projects attract more than 30 partners from foundations, corporations and government departments, covering 15 categories, such as youth education, community development, women and art. The total volume is 63.67 million yuan. 

    In terms of donation form, China Charity Fair Organization Committee introduces new ways of donation, namely, “Donation by Stock” and ”Donation by Code”. In the fair, Oriental Landscape donates 76 million equity (3 billion yuan) to Beijing QN Foundation. In the fair, anyone who scan QR code and follow official wechat account can get Lucky Money ranging from 10 to 100 yuan.


    To promote resources matchmaking of excellent projects, CCF has a charity top list, “Top 50 Charity Listed Companies of the Year” and ”Top 10 VIP Project of the Year”. The name list of winners will be released on Sept. 19 and awarding ceremony is under way. 

    “As a matchmaking platform, CCF collects and gathers different resources”, Relevant Leaders of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said. A successful CCF has lots of benefits. It helps to raise people’s awareness on charity, gather necessary resources and promote development of charity affairs.