Report of China Charity Donation 2014 Released, Total Volume of Donation over 100 Billion
发表日期:2015-09-19 17:34:54

 Report of China Charity Donation 2014 Released,     

                 Total  Volume of Donation over 100 Billion

On Sept. 19, 2015, Report of China Charity Donation 2014 is issued on the Fourth China Charity (CCF) by China Charity Information Centre (CCIC). CCIC has issued the report for 8 successive years. The news conference is presided over by Peng Jianmei, Director of CCIC. Meng Zhiqiang, Director of Social Welfare and Charity Department of Ministry of Civil Affairs delivers a keynote speech at the conference. Ma Tianhao, senior director of Donation Service Department of CCIC, makes a thorough analysis on the report. Representatives from corporations and charity organizations share their thoughts on donation policies and experiences.  


Meng Zhiqiang, Director of Social Welfare and Charity Department of Ministry of Civil Affairs, is delivering a speech. 

               Single Donation over 10 billion yuan, Business for Good as

                                      Leading Donation Trend 

It is said that in 2014 China receives 104.226 billion yuan of charity donation from home and abroad. Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin, from Alibaba Group, donates 2% equity of Alibaba (valuing 24.5 billion yuan), which is the largest single donation since 1949. Last year, the total sales volume of China Welfare Lottery and China Sports Lottery is over 382.368 billion yuan and Lottery Charity Fund raises 104 billion yuan, which makes history. It is estimated that registered volunteers’ service hours are over 1.934 billion hours, valuing about 19.34 billion yuan.In 2014, China’s economy has entered a new stage as “New Normal”, which means that China’s economy has shifted gear from the previous high speed to a medium-to-high speed growth. But charity donation is not affected by slowed economy. 

                                        Features of the CCF

There are outstanding features of the 4th CCF. Guangdong Province tops China Donation List. Three most eyecatching sectors are education, disaster relief and poverty alleviation. In 2014, provinces receiving donations over 100 million yuan are over 20, with 4 of them over 1 billion yuan, namely, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang and Fujian. And Guangdong tops the list for 4 successive years. Besides, private corporations are the leading force and education sector is the most eye-catching one.  In 2014, private corporations and foreign invested enterprises are the leading force of donation, accounting for respectively 40.4% and 36% of the all year’s donation.   


Ma Tianhao, senior director of Donation Service Department of CCIC, is making a thorough analysis on the report. 

                                      New Ways of Charity Donation

New Ways of Charity Donation are emerging in the Fair. Phone Donation is the mainstream and the youth is the leading force of online donation. In 2014, online donation platform of Sina Micro Charity, Tencent Micro Charity and Alipay E Micro Charity raise more than 428 million yuan, increasing by 42.6%. It is estimated that Alipay charity platform (Taobao and Alipay ) raised 280 million yuan. And people using Weibo and Wechat accounts for 68%.According to the report, 2014 is an important year in the history of China charity. There are 299 projects by Internet crowdfunding, raising money over 12.72 million yuan, which is a vital approach of online donation.