The First Meeting of the China Charity Fair Topic Commission Held in Beijing
发表日期:2015-07-13 08:44:52

The Fourth China Charity Fair (hereinafter referred to as the CCF) will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from September 18 to September 20, 2015. To further enable the social forces to play an active role in participation into holding the CCF, guarantee scientific, forward-looking and targeted characteristics of CCF topics, push forward internationalization, institutionalization and socialization of the CCF holding mode, and further enhance brand influence of the CCF, the Organizing Committee' s Office of the China Charity Fair started to borrow the modes of Davos Forum and Boao Forum for Asia since the Fourth China Charity Fair, collected widely the wisdoms and strengths of elites in the public charity sector of China, and organized the China Charity Fair Topic Commission.

China Charity Fair Topic Commission convened the first meeting in Beijing on the afternoon of June 3, 2015. Mr. Xu Yongguang, the first chairman of the Topic Commission, Director-general of Narada Foundation and Honorary Chairman of China Foundation Center, presided over the meeting. Totally 11 commission members from charity organizations, public welfare support institutions, foundations, media circle, academic circle, business circle and government sector deeply studied and passionately discussed meeting topics of the Fourth China Charity Fair, and preliminarily confirmed 10 of over 60 collected topics as the key topics of the Fourth China Charity Fair:

1. Charity legislation and fair market environment construction;

2. Social innovation and public welfare development under the Internet situation;

3. Internationalization of Chinese non-governmental organizations under the situation of global competition and the rise of China;

4. Inner power of public charity organizations and industrial development;

5. Connotation deepening and denotation expansion of the public charity industry;

6. Transformation of government functions and sound development of the charity industry;

7. Exploration and practice of Shenzhen charitable trust pilot;

8. Value preservation and increment of foundation assets and charity industry development;

9. Public charity influence and big data + public charity

10. Effect-oriented social innovation

Convening the first meeting of China Charity Fair Topic Commission further gathered the social wisdoms and common views, played an active role for forging the China Charity Fair into a high-end and diversified interactive dialogue platform, and also took a solid step towards socialization and professionalization of the fair preparation work.