Social Influence Investment Gathers Social Forces for Poverty Alleviation
发表日期:2018-09-23 14:15:15

The 2nd Public Welfare Financial High-end Dialogue & 2018 Social Influence Investment Seminar was held in Shenzhen yesterday. The conference was guided by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the Futian District People's Government, the United Nations Development Program and the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange, and hosted by China Global Philanthropy Institute. Themed as “Social Investment · Economic Welfare”, the seminar closely followed the issue of targeted poverty alleviation, invited many welfare finance and influence investment leaders to participate in the exchange of global public welfare financial concepts, theory and cases study, promoted investment for welfare, jointly built a Chinese social influence investment cooperation platform, gradually built a global cross-border cooperation network for public welfare finance, and promoted public welfare finance industries. Huang Min, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen, and some other relevant people, attended the meeting.

Ma Weihua, Chairman of the seminar and President of the board of directors of China Global Philanthropy Institute, said at the conference that social influence investment, as a manifestation of social progress and commercial civilization, has gradually emerged in China. Social influence investment is distinguished from traditional financial models by its new investment methods, emphasizing social returns while in pursuit of economic benefits, and it is highly compatible with the five development concepts of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing”. In China, although it has not been long since the introduction of concept of social influence investment, it has developed very rapidly. Research and practical innovation in related fields have gradually emerged, and it is looking at making greater contributions to the sustainable and high-quality development of China's economy.

Public welfare finance manages public welfare organizations with the management methods of modern enterprises, allocates public welfare resources based on market principles, and realizes the purpose of public welfare via financial means. Social influence investment is a very important means among many financial instruments. At this seminar, social influence investment experts from all over the world gathered together to discuss the theme of “Social Investment·Economic Welfare”, focusing on the frontier exploration, time orientation, and targeted poverty alleviation. It is engaged in the integration of public welfare and finance, and promotion of public welfare innovation in areas such as social influence investment, thereby helping poverty alleviation and economic welfare. Through social influence investment, it also aims to assist all-inclusive finance, technological poverty alleviation and educational poverty alleviation, and fundamentally solve the poverty issue in China.

At the seminar, Xu Haoliang, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Program and Director of the Asia-Pacific Bureau, and Li Mingzhong, a member of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager, respectively delivered themed speeches on latest global development trend of public welfare finance and social influence investment, on how China can promote sustainable development of its public welfare through the development of social influence investment and public welfare finance, and on the promotion of the realization of comprehensive poverty eradication in 2020. The conference also organized round-table dialogues of social influence investment institutes and entrepreneurs from the perspective of investor and the investee.

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily