Build on Past Achievements and Strive for New Progress | CCF Organizing Committee Office Meeting Held in Beijing
发表日期:2019-08-01 16:49:10


From September 20th to 22nd, the 7th China Charity Fair (hereinafter referred to as “CCF”) was held in Shenzhen. To further summarize the achievements of the 7th CCF and plan for the 8th event as soon as possible, the Office Meeting of CCF Organizing Committee was held successfully in Beijing on November 29th. Leaders of the Organizing Committee Office, including Deputy Director of the CCF Organizing Committee Office and Deputy Director of Ministry of Civil Affairs Office of Charity Promotion and Social Works Meng Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the CCF Organizing Committee Office and Deputy Inspector of State Council Poverty Alleviation Office Wang Dayang, Deputy Director of the CCF Organizing Committee Office and Deputy Inspector of Poverty Alleviation and Social Service Division of ACFIC, Member of CCF Organizing Committee, and Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of China Charity Alliance Liu Fuqing, and Deputy Director of the CCF Organizing Committee Office and Deputy Director of Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau Wu Yuanxiang, and responsible persons of sponsor units, including Yu Liyuan of SASAC Integration Directorate, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Civil Affairs Wu Yuanxiang and Deputy Division Chief of Charity and Social Work Division of Guangdong Department of Civil Affairs, attended the meeting.



At the meeting, CCF Organizing Committee Office reported the overall situation and main achievements of the 7th CCF. It was reported that under the correct leadership and meticulous organization by various sponsors, and active participation and close coordination by all sectors of our society, the 7th CCF made fruitful achievements. It took new steps in exhibition ideas, measures, actual effect, popularization and exhibition services, greatly promoted effective sharing of philanthropy and poverty alleviation resources, and played a constructive role in promoting the innovative development of charity and boosting poverty alleviation.

While acknowledging the achievements of the 7th CCF, leaders of various sponsors units and members of the Organizing Committee Office put their heads together and raised many useful suggestions and expectations regarding the theme, positioning, exhibition idea and sector arrangement of the 8th CCF:

Firstly, it must adhere to the background that we will reach the home stretch in poverty alleviation in 2020. CCF shall continue to focus on poverty alleviation, fully display the experiences and achievements of charitable forces participating in poverty alleviation, and give full play to the constructive function of charitable forces in consolidating the poverty alleviation achievements and the third wealth distribution.

Secondly, it shall comprehensively implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress and Fourth Plenary Session of the 9th Central Committee of the CPC, and deeply explore the constructive functions of charitable forces in the third wealth distribution, as well as the establishment of a long-term mechanism to solve relative poverty.

Thirdly, as a national grand event in the charity industry permanently settled in Shenzhen, the 8th CCF shall combine the historical background of the final year of poverty alleviation, as well as the glorious mission of Shenzhen in the “Construction of pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics”. It must gather social charity forces from a wider range and become a new and popular fair bringing actual effects and promoting healthy and sustainable development of charity.

As stressed at the meeting, the 8th CCF will take the lead and shoulder our mission. It will take into consideration the suggestions of various sponsors, as well as voices from the industry, experts and the public. The 8th CCF will build on past achievements and strive for new progress, new breakthroughs and new effects!