Tech for Social Good, Build a Charity Fair with Global Influence!
发表日期:2019-12-23 16:53:03

Create a CCF that never ends. On December 13th, the “Love from Shenzhen” Healthy Lianhua Donation Ceremony of Shenzhen Hongli Charitable Foundation was held in Lianhua County, an old revolutionary base area and a Soviet area in Jiangxi. On behalf of the Foundation and 5 caring enterprises, President of Hongli Charitable Foundation Zeng Yunshu, Honorary President Peng Junyun and Executive President Deng Shaoguang donated 134 medical equipment worth 5.19 million Yuan to Lianhua County Maternity and Childcare Hospital and 9 township health centers, indicating settlement and completion of a poverty alleviation project of the 7th CCF.



As a mobilization and participation platform of social forces in response to national strategy, an exhibition and exchange platform of national charity achievements, a sharing service platform of all charity resources and a communication platform of charity culture, China Charity Fair has been held successfully for 7 years as of September 2019. The events attracted 1.2 million person-times of visitors and 9,064 exhibitors. Covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions, directly-controlled municipalities, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, CCF matched 2,367 projects worth 52.9 billion Yuan. It also exhibited 31,772 projects and organized 1,400 public welfare activities. CCF promoted precise docking between social funds, professional talents, advanced technologies, project services and other resources and poverty-stricken areas, contributing significantly to the battle against poverty.


After the 7th CCF, CCF Organizing Committee Office Meeting and Summary Meeting were held to further sum up its achievements, and draft the preparation and ideas of the 8th event, aiming to bring a new chapter in China’s charity development. The Organizing Committee Office and experts and scholars proposed invaluable suggestions in aspects such as the theme and positioning, exhibition ideas and sector arrangement.


Meeting of CCF Organizing Committee Office (Photo)


Summary Meeting of the 7th CCF (Photo)

Adhere to the background that we will reach the home stretch in poverty alleviation in 2020, CCF shall continue to focus on poverty alleviation, fully display the experiences and achievements of charitable forces participating in poverty alleviation, and give full play to the constructive function of charitable forces in consolidating the poverty alleviation achievements and the third wealth distribution.


As a national grand event in the charity industry permanently settled in Shenzhen, CCF shall uphold the glorious mission of Shenzhen in the “Construction of pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics” and gather social charity forces from a wider range, striving to build a new and popular fair with unprecedented levels of innovation and influence. CCF will construct a development platform featuring co-construction, sharing and win-win for global charity and noble cause of poverty reduction and alleviation, and devote unremitting efforts to explore a charitable path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Centered around difficulties and pain points such as poverty alleviation, community governance and rural revitalization, China Charity Fair will follow the dynamics in charity industry, pool industry experts and think tanks and establish a strategic planning advisory committee to make the meetings and discussions more systematic and forward-looking. It will insist on tech for social good and utilize modern technologies to organize “Carbon Neutral CCF”, “Interesting CCF”, “Technical CCF”, etc. for integration of popular elements and unified communication, and constantly improve the public’s experience and sense of participation. CCF aims to boost the effectiveness and precision of resource sharing and realize stereoscopic services of resource integration, information interaction and sharing by establishing supply-demand libraries, optimizing resource sharing platform, etc., and thus, build a CCF that never ends.

Source/Shenzhen Economic Daily