The 8th China Charity Affair has Concluded Successfully
发表日期:2020-09-20 17:54:13

On September 20, the 8th China Charity Fair, which lasted for three days, concluded in Shenzhen. From 2018 to 2020, China Charity Fair has been focused on "poverty alleviation" for three consecutive years, whose target has been unchanged. It has made positive explorations in promoting the development of charity innovation, helped realize a well-off society in an all-round way, and continued stimulating innovations in the new energy of charity, effectively promoted the effective docking of charity poverty alleviation resources, and played a positive role in helping poverty alleviation.

The fair, themed on "fighting against poverty and creating a better life", is focused on the practical experience, mechanism and outstanding achievements of social organizations, enterprises and other social forces in the field of poverty alleviation, and a new step has been taken in the aspects of ideas, measures, effectiveness, publicity and promotion as well as fair service.

A Chinese plan to bring together philanthropic efforts to reduce and eliminate poverty. Focused on the theme, the fair has set up Achievement Hall for Poverty Eradication, the Good Life Experience Hall and the Consumer Poverty Alleviation Products Hall, which are focused on typical cases, innovative models and outstanding achievements of social forces such as social organizations and caring enterprises participating in  poverty alleviation, providing valuable experience and successful path references for a broader social construction such as the continuous promotion of the rural rejuvenation based on the charitable forces. According to preliminary statistics, the fair has attracted 1966 institutions and projects from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, together with 1969 kinds of consumer poverty alleviation products to participate in the fair, the number of on-site visits and the public was nearly 110,000 person time, and that of those who participated in the online browsing, live sales, live media and other online interactions was more than 40.45 million people.

Lead value orientation and play the "symphony" of social poverty alleviation together. On the basis of the global perspective, the fair focusing on the theme of the times of poverty alleviation and benchmarking with the Sustainable Development Goals, has built a value-oriented symposium on international public welfare, organizing 10 sub-symposiums on theory and practice and 11 community round-table activities on sharing practical skills, as well as 1 closed-door meeting to summarize the achievements. More than 200 experts and scholars home and abroad concerning with poverty reduction and relief were brought together in the seminar, who summarized, combed and refined the wisdom and experience model of poverty alleviation as well as their development in China, discussed and responded to the hot issues of charity's participation in poverty reduction and relief, rural revitalization, public emergencies and emergency assistance, realized the research vision of both cutting-edge insight and practical guidance, and contributed to Chinese wisdom as well as China's plan to global poverty alleviation. The fair also launched an innovative new strength plan for Public Welfare New Strength Program, joining hands with new strength of public welfare, sharing new knowledge of public welfare and vividly interpreting poverty reduction and relief as well as other innovative models of global governance issues.

Focused on the demand of poverty alleviation, play an on-line and off-line "combination fist". This fair will be focused on the special needs of poverty-stricken groups and long-term development, explore the realization of online and offline promotion and the full-service resource docking mode of resource services. Online, it cooperates with Internet fund-raising platforms designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs such as Tencent Public Welfare and Sina Micro Public Welfare to set up special fund-raising pages for 22 poverty-alleviation projects, and a series of special training camps are simultaneously launched for rural revitalization, providing professional supports for exhibitors and projects in poverty-stricken areas; for poverty-alleviation products, joining hands with Taobao, Tiktok and other live platforms, together with 19 network streamers and celebrities to carry live sales for Exhibition on Promoting Goods, widening the sales of poverty-alleviation products in poverty-stricken areas. Offline, 110 activities have been carried out through project roadshows, information dissemination and sales promotion of poverty-alleviation products, so as to link related charitable resources for poverty-alleviation projects and the consumption of poverty-alleviation products. According to preliminary statistics, resources accounting for more than RMB 13.52 billion were intentionally docked during the fair. Among them, resource docking with a total amount of more than RMB 8.22 billion has been achieved in 17 poverty-alleviation projects (including the purchase of orders of poverty-alleviation products); and 6 major industrial poverty-alleviation projects have been promoted, with a total investment of RMB 5.3 billion. In addition, through the display of communication and other means, there are some social service institutions docking with resources including social problems solutions, services, professionals, technology and others.

Integrate public welfare with life, and lead a new direction for a better life. In the brand-related activities, the China Public Welfare Charity Contest and China International Philanthropic Movie Festival will continue to be held during this fair. A total of 772 projects were received by China Public Welfare Charity Contest to apply for the entry, 30 gold and silver awards, 3 special awards and 25 resource-linked projects were selected; a total of 469 public image works were received by China International Philanthropic Movie Festival, 51 moving video works recording the fight against poverty and reflecting the community's participation in the epidemic prevention and control were selected. What’s more, during the fair, the 5th Pengcheng Charity Award and 2019 List of Shenzhen Charity Donations were held. In order to enhance public interaction and integrate public welfare with life, this fair is focused on the theme of the fair, integrates with the content of charity education, organizes and plans public welfare experience activities such as 100-Counties and 100-Sceneries, the Public Welfare Map, the "Good Life Researcher" and the "Small Public Welfare Experiencer" etc. It transmits public welfare concept to the public in a more interactive and artistic way, deepens the public understanding and resonance of public welfare, and creates a brand-new sense of immersive public welfare experience.

Change according to the situation, and make the fair full of “cloud". In the face of "added examination question" of the situation of COVID-2019, through the development of the design of mobile-end mini programs, VR exhibition, conference activities, 5G live broadcast, electronic guided map and resource docking list, real-time exhibition promotion and other innovative ways, this fair scientifically responds, takes the initiative one-stop solution route planning, fair guidelines, event scheduling, feedback and other needs to strengthen the fair, on-site connection, dynamic information and timely grasp of the functions, achieving an intelligent information promotion and real-time information dissemination. It will open up a new pattern of fair in the cloud and turn the "pain points" brought by the COVID-2019 into "new bright spots" during preparation of the fair.

At the Summary Conference, in this charity fair, the Organizing Committee's office awarded medals to the most creative, most popular, best interactive, outstanding new exhibitors, excellent poverty alleviation project partners, gold and silver bronze award winning projects of China Public Welfare Charity Contest in 2020, excellent partners of "Mantianxing" program, co-construction partners of consumption poverty alleviation, public welfare partners and outstanding contribution units, and also awarded a certificate of thanks to the Fair Design Committee of the 8th China Charity Fair. Meng Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Philanthropy Promotion and Social Work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, made a summary speech on behalf of the sponsor, and Yang Xiuyou, Deputy Secretary-general of Shenzhen Municipal Government, presided over the Summary Conference. The meeting was also attended by Ma Ying, Deputy Director-General of the Social Poverty Alleviation Division of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, Liu Fuqing, Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Charity Alliance, Shao Yi, Deputy Inspector of the Poverty Alleviation and Social Services Department of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chen Qi, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, Liao Yuanfei, Vice President of the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau of the Chinese Charity Federation, Lu Dezhi, Vice President of China Charity Alliance and Chairman of Shenzhen Charity Alliance Development Center.