The 9th China Charity Fair Opened on November 23, Writing a new chapter to Promote Rural Revitalization
发表日期:2021-11-17 18:16:16


On November 16, the news briefing of 9th China Charity Fair was successfully held in Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Yang Haobo, Deputy Director of Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Deputy Leader of Leading Group for the Preparation of China Charity Fair Exhibition; Xiao Weiguo, Director of Party Building Office of Shenzhen Municipal Social Organization Administration Bureau, Leader of News and Communication Group of the Office of the Leading Group of the Preparation of China Charity Fair Exhibition, as well as relevant staff of News Center of China Charity Fair attended the news briefing to introduce the latest developments and relevant information of the 9th China Charity Fair.


2021 is the opening year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and is also the key year for embarking on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the goal of the second century. The 9th China Charity Fair will be held on November 23 to 25, 2021 online with the theme of "Gathering Philanthropic Engagement to Promote Rural Revitalization". Compared with previous sessions, the 9th China Charity Fair will be upgraded to a "Online Exhibition" for the first time, by using new generation information technologies including Internet, big data and artificial intelligence to create online exhibition covering functions such as "Online Exhibition", "Online Conference", "Online Docking" and "Online Experience". At the same time, combined with the actual preparation of online exhibition, the Fair will focus on the launching ceremony of the 9th China Charity Fair, major project docking ceremony, signing of strategic cooperation memorandum of philanthropic engagement to promote rural revitalization, international public welfare theme seminar and other important activities on November 23 through live broadcast online.


Digital Empowerment, Creating an "Online Exhibition" that Never Ends

Yang Haobo introduces that, in terms of online exhibition, this year’s China Charity Fair is going to establish three online halls which feature charity and rural revitalization, public welfare-enabled beautiful rural villages and charity culture popularization, respectively, and design and develop the online exhibition portal of China Charity Fair on Web, H5, applet version, and plan to build an all-round "Online Exhibition" platform integrating exhibition communication, publication and promotion by using 3D modeling, VR and other scientific and technological means. Up to now, a total of 916 institutions, 1,339 projects and 2,237 products have been declared to participate in this event.

In terms of online conference, this year’s China Charity Fair will continue the "1 + N" mode, and will hold international public welfare theme seminars with the theme of "Rural Revitalization · More Balanced World", and organize 8 sub-topic seminars and roundtable dialogue, focusing on the third distribution role of philanthropy, and explore effective paths for philanthropic engagement to promote rural revitalization, public emergencies and emergency rescue.

There are three highlights of online docking. Firstly, the Fair will build an intelligent matching and online consultation system to provide intelligent recommendation, online negotiation and other services for both supply and demand sides relying on big data analysis, instant messaging and other tools and technologies, so as to further improve the efficiency of resource docking and promote accurate matching between resources of various philanthropic elements, especially resource and projects in the field of rural revitalization. Secondly, it will strengthen platform linkage and empower and enhance the resources linking ability of public welfare projects and agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas. In the early stage, Tencent Public Welfare launched special fundraising activities for rural revitalization project of China Charity Fair during the September 9 Public Welfare Day, attracting about 3,468,000 people to participate in donation, with the raised amount reaching RMB 173 million. During the exhibition, the Fair is going to work together with more than 20 Internet public fundraising information platforms and e-commerce live broadcast to launch the joint action of philanthropic engagement to promote rural revitalization. For the participating projects, it will carry out the theme fundraising activities of rural revitalization jointly with the Internet public fundraising platform; for the participating agricultural products, the Fair implement the live broadcast of "Promoting Agricultural Projects Online" with live e-commerce platforms including Taobao, Tiktok and Kuaishou, so as to further develop the professional advantages of various platforms, lead and gather social charity resources and promote the sustainable development of poverty-stricken areas. Thirdly, during the exhibition, the Fair will launch major project signing and docking activities, information release, road-show promotion and other online resource matching to provide diversified exhibition promotion and resource docking channels for various charitable entities.

In terms of online experience, based on the concept of "Public Welfare for Everyone and Charity for Everyone" and fully integrating Internet, artificial intelligence, new media and other technical means, this year’s Fair will innovatively launch a series of online public welfare experience activities with rich themes and diverse forms, such as "Online Tour of 100 Scenes in 100 Counties", "Benefits of Decrypting" games, and connected online exhibition halls by online punching and other methods to enhance the interest and experience of viewing and exhibition.

In addition to the online exhibition, the Fair will also organize and carry out a series of branding and professional supporting activities like China Charity Project Competition, China Public Welfare Image Festival, TIFP Public Welfare New Force Plan, etc. China Charity Project Competition focuses on selecting 30 excellent public charitable projects around rural revitalization strategy and competition theme; China Public Welfare Image Festival has selected 51 outstanding award-winning works; TIFP Public Welfare New Force Plan is going to share the innovative practice in the fields of rural revitalization and sustainable development. Up to now, the total propagation online has exceeded 11.71 million, the reading of the Weibo topic of “Seeing the New Force of Public Welfare” has reached 10.863 million.

Public Welfare for Everyone, a Variety of Creative ways of Public Welfare to Attract Attention

During this exhibition, the public can access to China Charity Fair and participate in various activities such as "Online Exhibition", "Online Conference", "Online Docking" and "Online Experience" online by visiting its official website and scanning the QR code of applet. In order to meet the public's enthusiasm for participation and improve the exhibition's interactivity and sense of experience, the "Online Experience" section will launch three rich and diversified online public welfare experience activities, namely, "Outstanding Products to the Public" Selective Products Plan, 100 Counties and 100 Scenes Cultural Tourism Revitalization "Intoxication" Plan and "Benefits" of Decrypting Interactive Experience Game.

The "Outstanding Products to the Public" Selective Products Plan section sets up online exhibition hall and live broadcast room for promoting excellent products. The plan is going to work with platforms such as Taobao, Tiktok and Kuaishou, invite the industry's top anchor to carry out the live broadcast of "Promoting Agricultural Products Online", so as to enable the public to purchase high-quality agricultural products in poverty-free areas and assist rural revitalization.

In the 100 Counties and 100 Scenes Cultural Tourism Revitalization "Intoxication" Plan, the public can provide publicity support for rural cultural tourism through the video of "I am the Hometown Spokesman" and punching cultural tourism revitalization routes, etc., and can get the opportunity to draw the gift "Lucky Bag" after browsing three cultural tourism routes completely.

The "Benefits" of Decrypting Interactive Experience Game is based on the contents of each section of the exhibition. The audience can participate in the game by judging and answering public welfare knowledge and passing the checkpoints. For participants who successfully pass through the game will also have the opportunity to get lucky "charity mysterybag", "digital RMB red envelope" and other surprise gifts.

Building on the momentum, Writing a New Chapter for Promoting Rural Revitalization

Since 2012, the China Charity Fair has been successfully held for eight times, playing a positive role in poverty alleviation and promoting the innovative development of philanthropy.

According to statistics, eight previous China Charity Fair sessions have covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, attracting 9,747 organizations, holding more than 1,500 public welfare charity activities, docking 2,390 projects, with a docking amount of RMB 66.4 billion. Especially from 2018 to 2020, China Charity Fair focused on the theme of poverty alleviation for three consecutive years, displaying and introducing 5,318 institutions, projects and 3,198 kinds of consumption poverty alleviation products and contributed to a total docking amount of resources close to RMB 34 billion. The Fair comprehensively promoted the matching and cooperation between social resources such as social funds, professionals, advanced technologies and project services and poverty-stricken areas, reproduced the vivid situation of joint efforts of social engagement, and provided reference and replicable experience samples for guiding social engagement to participate in solving major social problems and promoting wider social construction.

Facing the new journey and new challenges, the 9th China Charity Fair will ride on the momentum and gather strength to undertake the new mission of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. Based on the new development stage, the China Charity Fair will implement the new development concept, construct a new development pattern, continue to actively mobilize various social engagement including enterprises and social organizations to assist the rapid cultivation of new industries, new business format, new modes and new business entities in rural areas. In addition, the China Charity Fair will participate in and integrate into the establishment and operation of grass-roots public welfare and charity exchange platform, set up "new force" to consolidate poverty alleviation achievements, set up a "big stage" for social participation, create a "good brand" to promote rural revitalization, write a "new chapter" to promote rural revitalization, and try best to present a more distinctive, richer and more wonderful charity event.