The 5th China Charity Fair concluded today
发表日期:2016-09-24 11:36:45

On September 25, the 5th China Charity Fair (hereinafter referred to as “CCF”) which lasted for three days, concluded in Shenzhen.

With the active participation of all sectors of society, the scale and influence of the charity fair continues to increase. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon specially sent a video message to express his concerns and blessings for the fair.

The theme of the 5th CCF is precise and clear. The project presentation is pragmatic and innovative. The conferences and discussions are precise and efficient. The guarantee for viewing the exhibition is comprehensive and reliable. The news publicity is vivid. And the goal of “four platforms and one grand event” has been successfully achieved, which has made a great contribution to the implementation the Charity Law and the promotion of charities.

According to preliminary statistics, this year's CCF attracted more than 2,600 charity organizations, enterprises and individuals from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as 75 international non-profit organizations, an increase of about 11% over the previous one. 510 projects were confirmed, with a total amount of RMB 13.322 billion, an increase of 8.72% compared with the previous one. 1 international public welfare summit, 11 sub-theme meetings and 1 agenda committee closed-door meeting were held, and more than 200 guests from home and abroad were invited to conduct in-depth discussions on sharing and charity. More than 400 road shows, salons and public welfare experience activities were carried out, attracting nearly 550 representatives from 25 provincial and municipal delegations, and 186,000 people visited the fair, including 20,000 from Bao'an Community Branch.

This year's CCF has the following six features and achievements.

First, the theme is prominent, which comprehensively strengthens the platform function of promoting goodness and facilitate poverty alleviation. With the theme of “Promoting Goodness with Law to Facilitate Poverty Alleviation, this year’s CCF closely follows the publicity and implementation of the Charity Law and the national poverty alleviation strategy, increasing the publicity of the Charity Law, and striving to create a good atmosphere for the learning and application of law. The exhibition area for poverty alleviation and relief is set up to focus on publicity and display of the advanced experience and main achievements of social forces in participating in targeted poverty alleviation and relief, which promotes the effective connection between charity resources and poverty alleviation needs, and plays the role of the fair in implementing the Charity Law and facilitating poverty alleviation.

Second, the layout is optimized, highlighting the leading role of the fair in optimizing the charity ecology. This years CCF focuses on the construction of the charity ecosystem, internalizing all links and elements of the charity ecological chain in each section of the fair, and classifying the layout according to the supply side and demand side of charity resources. The charity culture section and talent exchange exhibition area are set up for the first time in the fair to realize the chain layout of the fair, which comprehensively shows the development of the charity industry, facilitates all-round exchanges and cooperation among various entities, and highlights the leading role of the fair in improving the industry chain and optimizing the charity ecosystem.

Third, cross-industry innovation has effectively enhanced the international influence of the interactive platform for exhibition discussion. According to the concept of cross-industry, innovation, future, and practice, this CCF focuses on building an international public welfare summit and a series of seminars through peripheral conferences, special sessions, summit conferences and closed-door conferences. It has established a conference discussion mode of topic collection, cross-industry demonstration, conference observation, policy suggestions and results implementation, realizing the internationalized, high-end and diversified development of the conference and deepening the interactive platform function of discussions.

Fourth, the fair is close to the people, which effectively expands the space for the fair to serve community charity. This years CCF has optimized the format of the exhibition and set up a community sub-venue for the first time to highlight the achievements of community charity, narrow the distance between charity and the public, allow charity to be more accessible to the community and the people, effectively increase public participation, and open up a wider space for activities and communication for all kinds of community charity organizations.

Fifth, joint construction and shared benefits have gradually deepened the socialized and professional operation mechanism of the fair. This years CCF explores the curator system and membership system, strengthens a socialized and professional conference mode, and leverages the power of industry exhibitions to enhance the responsibility, authority and independent operation capabilities of professional organizations in organizing exhibitions, allowing the CCF to further take root in the industry and service industry, and truly become a cooperation platform for all sectors of society to build, share and win.

Sixth, the publicity is powerful, which comprehensively strengthens the carrier role of the fair to spread the concept of charity. For the first time, this CCF made use of VR panoramic shooting, new media live broadcast room and other communication channels to make news publicity more in-depth, extensive and three-dimensional through all-round and three-dimensional all-media reporting. The CCTV news broadcasted the grand event for the first time, and more than 600 journalists from Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily and other more than 60 news media participated in the coverage, which promoted the positive energy of the society and made the concept of charity more popular.

Relevant leaders of the organizer attended the summary conference. Meng Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Organizing Committee's office of China Charity Fair and deputy director of the Department of Philanthropy Promotion and Social Work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, made a summary speech. At the meeting, the discussion results of the 5th CCF and the annual resource docking results of members of the 5th CCF were released. And the Organizing Committee's office awarded medals to the winning projects of China Public Welfare Charity Contest, excellent co-organizers, excellent executive agencies, partners and excellent exhibitors.