Precise Poverty Alleviation, Expecting Further Efforts and Achievements from the CCF
发表日期:2018-09-25 17:18:49

The 6th CCF has been successfully concluded on September 22, but the heart-warming stories of poverty alleviation, the inspiring speeches and the charity enthusiasm bursting out from all walks of life are still inspiring the world ......

In other words, the CCF is not over yet. The Organizing Committee will continue to do a good job in matching resources for poverty alleviation projects and providing services for exhibitors through online promotion and offline collocation, so as to create a "never-ending CCF".

A glorious mission is still waiting for the CCF to continue to forge ahead! It is clearly stated in the report of the 19th National Congress: "To ensure that by 2020, the rural poor population under the current standard in China will be lifted out of poverty, all poor counties will be removed, and the overall regional poverty will be solved, so that real poverty will be actually eliminated." According to preliminary statistics, a total of 49 poverty alleviation projects were matched with resources at the CCF, and the intended matchmaking amount was over 13 billion yuan. Although the achievement is certainly gratifying, the task is still arduous: there are still 30.46 million poor residents in China, and the average annual poverty reduction needs to be more than 10 million to complete the task of poverty eradication. In the following two years, the theme of the CCF will continue to focus on precise poverty alleviation.

Tackling solid difficulties with greater confidence. We are glad to see that, in addition to the excellent function of resource allocation, the CCF has also brought great spiritual inspiration.

It has shown us that the national strategy and popular feelings are highly compatible, and the majestic power of the two is the most powerful guarantee to win this battle. The participants of this year's CCF include the heads of national ministries and local governments, workers rooted in poverty alleviation, experts and scholars concerned about the cause of poverty alleviation, many enterprises with a passion for public welfare, as well as countless attentions from outside the exhibition. Social strata are so united because of the solemn promise made by the Party and the State to let the poor population and the poor regions join the whole country to enter a moderately prosperous society, which has achieved a high degree of consensus in the whole society and won the widest range of hearts and minds from the public.

The CCF has shown us that the communication mechanism between the government and the private sector is becoming more and more smooth and the collaboration mechanism is becoming more and more mature. The 5·12 Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 triggered an outbreak of private charity enthusiasm. After 10 years of experience, private participation has become more and more orderly, and the benign interaction between the government and the private sector has become more and more positive, which reached a whole new level in the 6th CCF. The 6th China Charity Fair Project Promotion Manual listed 372 poverty alleviation projects for "adoption" by caring enterprises, of which the real information of poverty alleviation is backed by credibility, while enterprises and private public welfare organizations leverage their own advantages to provide assistance, so that both sides can collaborate to realize precise poverty alleviation. It is also recognized that a new pattern of social governance, which is jointly built and shared, is the most powerful booster of charity and poverty alleviation.

The scene of enterprises for philanthropic work at the CCF showed us the great enthusiasm of the whole society for public welfare and charity. The most intuitive manifestation of this enthusiasm is the rising amount of project matchmaking. According to the statistics, the project matchmaking amount of the second CCF was 1.708 billion yuan, and this year it exceeded 13 billion yuan. This is related to the steady growth of China's economy and the overall wealth of the society, as well as the increasing awareness of corporate social responsibility and social commitment of entrepreneurs. Of course, the CCF also provides a convenient and reliable channel for enterprises to engage in charity. It is never difficult to move mountains and drain the seas as long as all people are willing to do so.

A large number of excellent poverty alleviation cases and wonderful stories at the exhibition showed us the wisdom and innovation of China in overcoming the poverty problem. The " Firefly Conservation" project adopts an ecologically sustainable development model to let fireflies fly again in the Dalei Mountains of Tongshan County, Hubei Province, which has not only improved the local pollution problem, but also boosted local ecological tourism and increased the income of the poor; while the "Medical Insurance for Major Diseases" is committed to solving the problem of major diseases causing poverty and returning to poverty, which has formed six mature pilot model according to the medical insurance in different areas, and invested a total of 59.1 million yuan in premiums among six years, so that 1.56 million sick children could get the maximum amount of medical insurance. Poverty alleviation work should be done both hard and skillfully, so that the poor can "really lift themselves out of poverty".

General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the fight against poverty is supposed to be a hard battle, and lifting extremely poverty-stricken areas out of poverty is a harder mission in this hard battle.

No matter how hard the difficulties are, we have confidence! This confidence comes from careful decisions and arrangements, from the unity of the upper and lower levels, from the strength of the whole society, and from countless wise minds. Where there is a will, there is a way. China's poverty alleviation target in 2020 will be achieved as scheduled, and we will surely share more Chinese experience and wisdom with the world in poverty alleviation.