International Symposium on Philanthropy: Building Dreams with Craftsmanship, Injecting "Chinese Power" into World Philanthropy
发表日期:2022-08-21 19:41:39

As a branded conference created by the CCF, the International Philanthropy Symposium (hereinafter referred to as "the Symposium") has been successfully held for five sessions since its creation in 2016. Adhering to the core brand concept of "Cross-border, Innovation, Future, Practice", the Symposium aims to build a platform for international public welfare exchange and dialogue, and to bring in high-end wisdom from home and abroad to discuss the development of international public welfare charity.

Over the years, the seminar has covered a wide range of topics such as rural revitalization, sustainable development and international public welfare, and invited nearly 200 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, grassroots representatives, media professionals and young generations to share their views. Representatives from more than 20 international organizations from nine countries, including Russia, Bangladesh, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and other countries, shared their practical exploration and cutting-edge insights on the development of the charity industry.

The symposium will discuss rural revitalization with a global perspective and contribute Chinese wisdom to global poverty reduction. The International Philanthropy Symposium has become a "loudspeaker" to promote the development of Chinese philanthropy in the new era and draw a new blueprint for the development of Chinese philanthropy.


Based on international vision and diversified wisdom

Since the 18th Party Congress, China has actively participated in the reform and construction of the global governance system, promoted the building of a community of human destiny, and taken the "Belt and Road" as a practical platform to contribute more Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions and Chinese power to promote global development. As the only national and international comprehensive platform for the charity industry, CIF has always been committed to building a stage for "Chinese charity" to participate in international public welfare, and paving the way for promoting Chinese charity from "importing" to "going out". The exhibition is dedicated to building a stage for "Chinese charity" to participate in international charity, and to open the way to promote the transformation of Chinese charity from "import" to "go out".

It is the foundation of the International Philanthropy Symposium to conduct insightful research on the public charity industry and offer advice and suggestions for the top-level design of the development of the public charity industry. In the planning stage, the project team clarifies the internal logic of the conference topic discussion, scientifically composes and deeply deconstructs the positioning, target groups, partners and reach values of the seminar, and at the same time mobilizes the resource network of industry expert members to study and argue the topic direction, so as to ensure the scientific, forward-looking, down-to-earth and leading nature of the topic and program design.

Since the International Public Welfare Symposium was held for five years, it has brought together nearly 200 experts from rural development, international cooperation and development, Internet public welfare, philanthropic finance, philanthropic culture, child protection, ecological and environmental protection, local government representatives, entrepreneurs, grassroots representatives rooted in the front line of public welfare, media people, young new generation and other people to participate in exchanges and sharing. It also gathered more than 20 representatives of international organizations from nine countries, including Russia, Bangladesh, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea and Japan, to discuss international public charity exchanges and cooperation, share practical exploration and cutting-edge thinking in the field of charity industry development with a global perspective, and provide new thinking for domestic front-line public charity practitioners.

"Charity is an important way to express solidarity and friendship between countries and people. Charity is one of the best investments we can make in the common future of humanity." This is what then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his speech at the fifth edition of the charity fair. As the core section of the exhibition, the International Philanthropy Theme Seminar has deepened its connotation over the past six years since its inception, and has gradually become a "speaker" to promote the high-quality development of philanthropy.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, President of the Kuhn Foundation and recipient of the "China Reform Friendship Medal", praised China's efforts to improve the quality of education in rural areas.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, President of the Kuhn Foundation and recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal, praised the precision and efficiency of China's poverty alleviation ...... and will continue to polish this "golden signboard" of charity and give full play to its role as a bridge for world public charity exchanges.


Explore the new path of charity by closely following the proposition of the times

From poverty eradication to rural revitalization, from crisis response to cooperation, facing common global challenges and building international consensus ...... The previous symposiums benchmarked the UN Sustainable Development Goals and focused on annual hot topics, discussing multiple paths to help the development of the philanthropic sector and guide philanthropic forces to serve national strategies, and jointly promote international synergy and cooperative development of philanthropy.

"The countryside should not become an appendage of the urban economy, but should establish its own independent economic system", Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and founder of Bangladesh Rural Bank, pointed out at the seminar the importance of financial construction for rural development; "Single administrative means are no longer applicable to the countryside as a community of production and life", Ye Jingzhong, professor and dean of the School of Humanities and Development of China Agricultural University, believes that the key to rural revitalization lies in governance; Soichiro Fukutake, chairman of the Fukutake Foundation of Japan, advocates that artistic innovation is used to bring hopes and dreams to the countryside. Charity + Finance, Charity + Technology, Charity + Art ...... The sparks of ideas of cross-border cooperation between public charity and multiple fields collided here, and the cases of public charity practice and innovation stories from different fields stirred up one strong voice of the times after another relying on the platform of the seminar.

For industry partners, the symposium is a rare opportunity to gain experience in forward-looking exploration. "Many topics are not only focused on the present, but also look at the future, such as how public welfare organizations can effectively gather resources and participate in rural revitalization in a sustainable way." "This is a public event, not only focusing on who is involved, but more importantly on the guidance and mobilization of the public, as long as it can attract more people to participate, the charity can keep on going." "The practice of corporate philanthropy is impressive, as companies start from their core objectives and promote innovation in social service approaches while creating economic value." "At the charity exhibition, you can not only see the experience of Shenzhen and Guangdong, but also exchange and share with industry partners across the country." ...... voices from all directions gathered here, from the seminar topics to the project showcases on the exhibition floor, participants said they benefited a lot.

The stones from other mountains can be used to attack the jade. By providing the industry with "intellectual support" to relieve pain points, the International Philanthropy Symposium has made the "philanthropic force" injected into social development stronger and more powerful. Since the symposium was held, it has responded to the hot topics of how to establish effective mechanisms for philanthropic power and how to efficiently participate in poverty reduction, rural revitalization, public emergencies and emergency relief, realizing the vision of the symposium with both cutting-edge insights and practical guidelines, and contributing "Chinese samples" to global public charity.

Deepen the collaboration mechanism and gather the power of public welfare

At the end of 2021, more than 30 experts from home and abroad, including professors from Tsinghua University, Stanford University and UNICEF China, gathered in the clouds to discuss rural revitalization. This is the fifth International Public Welfare Theme Seminar and also an important part of the ninth Cifu Exhibition. As a brand meeting of CIF, the International Symposium on Public Welfare and CIF have become a community of destiny by supporting each other and developing together.

In order to expand the radiation and influence, the symposium has taken the initiative to explore the mechanism of co-founding industry conferences, to bring into play the advantages of industry think tanks and resource providers, and to gather the wisdom and power to promote the high-quality development of philanthropy. The seminar not only focuses on the diversity of fields and regions in the invitation of guests, but also insists on inviting industry pivotal platforms and university think-tanks to build and co-create together. The seminar, together with the China Charity Federation, the China Charity Federation, the Shenzhen International Institute of Public Welfare and other professional institutions, gave full play to their influence in the industry and widely mobilized forces from all walks of life to participate in the discussion and exchange of charity for poverty eradication.

With the mission value of "building a platform for international public welfare exchange and dialogue", the seminar has not only focused on forward-looking ideas and leadership, but also taken into account the feasibility of practical implementation; it has not only focused on the cutting-edge issues of domestic public charity industry, but also explored innovative ways of international public charity exchange and cooperation. Through keynote speeches, round tables, lightning speeches and other diversified ways, the conference will inspire all kinds of charity subjects to tell their unique perspectives and core values and express their views on the industry, thus expanding the influence of the conference and enhancing its visibility, and realizing the long-tail effect of sustainable development of the conference brand.

Refinement of intelligent exhibition management to stimulate new brand dynamics

In 2021, the exhibition and conference will be held in a new digital way, and for the first time, the International Philanthropy Symposium will break the limitation of time and space and debut with a new face of "cloud conference". The conference will be held offline and broadcasted live on the cloud. In addition, with the support and promotion of media platforms such as Xinhua News Agency Live Cloud, "Shenzhen Release" video number and "Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper" video number, the exposure of the "Cloud Conference" of the 9th Charity Show has exceeded 60 million and the total number of views on the Internet. With the support of media platforms such as "Live Cloud", "Shenzhen Publishing" video number and "Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper" video number, the "Cloud Conference" of the 9th Charity Fair has been exposed to over 60 million people and has received 1.34 million hits, which has improved the accuracy, innovation and influence of the communication content and given a new vitality and vigor to the "China Charity Story" in the new era.

Time is silent, but the pace is unceasing. Since its inception in 2016, the International Philanthropy Symposium has taken a series of innovative measures in top-level planning, brand building, cooperation and implementation. Meanwhile, with the theme of each charity exhibition as the guide, it focuses on the practical needs of industry development, outputs wisdom results with high quality and high specification, and effectively enhances the value of the exhibition platform.

The report of the 20th Party Congress emphasizes "actively participating in the reform and construction of the global governance system, practicing the concept of global governance of mutual consultation, construction and sharing" and "promoting the building of a community of human destiny". The next step is to continue to base on China and look at the world, to promote dialogue and communication among different countries, governments, enterprises, charitable organizations and other subjects, to further enhance the international influence of Chinese charity, to let more Chinese charity forces appear and speak out on the international stage, to participate in and influence global governance with practical actions, and to provide Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to promote the high-quality development of charity. China's wisdom and Chinese solutions.

(Source: China Civil Affairs)