China Charity Fair TIFP Public Welfare New Power Program: With the voice of new talent, lead the times to resonate
发表日期:2023-03-18 13:50:26

In the countryside, how to spend a dollar to drink safe water? How to take the road of rural revitalization? How to truly achieve employment equality for people with disabilities? Is "national tide" the only choice for rural traditional culture to leave the circle? ......


In 2020, the 8th TIFP Charity Fair launched the TIFP New Power for Public Welfare Program to discover new young people who are deeply engaged in the field of public welfare, and let their innovative practices move from behind the scenes to the front of the stage to show the new power of Chinese public welfare that is changing.


Innovative Philanthropy Practices Gathering Cutting Edge Thinking


2020 is the first step TIFP has taken. Along with the sound of eight guests, we saw the healthy growth of the descendants of martyrs and the children who can write poems in the mountains; we saw the joint development of the city and the countryside and the "cultural revival" of the unique countryside; we saw the colorful classrooms for children and the workers who are committed to the protection of children against sexual abuse; we saw We saw Chinese youths practicing public welfare in the international arena and Chinese organizations helping the development of developing countries.


One year later, TIFP is back in full gear. 7 guests, 7 stories of public welfare, 7 kinds of pioneering exploration and new knowledge of public welfare. 2021, the program invited new forces of public welfare and outstanding representatives of grassroots rural cadres, college student village officials, western volunteers, rural entrepreneurship leaders, etc., to share new knowledge of public welfare around innovative exploration and cutting-edge practice of rural revitalization and sustainable development, to show the new power of public welfare in China and inspire the public. They will share new knowledge about public welfare, show the new power of public welfare in China, and inspire the public, especially the younger generation, to resonate with them.


In 2022, the first and second seasons of the TIFP New Power for Public Welfare Program have been successfully concluded, with 15 episodes covering topics related to rural revitalization, quality education, youth empowerment, preservation of non-traditional culture, disability integration, clean water, good health and well-being, marine protection, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, etc., attracting more young people to pay attention to public welfare and engage in public welfare. The campaign will attract more young people to pay attention to and join the public welfare.


Create a communication matrix to leverage millions of traffic


The TIFP New Power for Philanthropy Project has mobilized more than 130 public welfare organizations, media organizations and portals in two seasons, ultimately achieving a 10 million traffic growth. With the further enhancement of brand influence, more and more heavyweight platform organizations and media organizations have been attracted to become joint communication partners of TIFP. As a media partner of TIFP, New Weekly has been actively involved in spreading new knowledge about public welfare since the first season of TIFP, accompanying the growth of the project along the way, and for the first time, China Youth Daily, a central-level mainstream media, was invited as a joint communication partner in the second season of TIFP to open a TIFP brand column on WeChat public number and microblog platform to report the innovative public welfare practices of TIFP guests in depth.


In terms of brand communication data, the total communication volume of the two seasons of TIFP New Power for Public Welfare Program exceeded 14.6 million people. Among them, the first season of TIFP had a circulation of 610,000 people, while the second season of TIFP had a circulation of 13.99 million people, which is 22 times more than the first season, showing a rapid increase in TIFP's online brand influence.


As a branded speech program initiated by China Charity Fair, TIFP New Power for Philanthropy Program upholds the project concept of cross-border, innovation, future and practice, and after two seasons of practice and exploration, it has initially built a community platform for China's new power for philanthropy. The community platform provides comprehensive, diversified and high-level opportunities for public welfare organizations to discuss and exchange, resource matching, cooperation and development, and public advocacy, giving full play to the leading value of the charity show industry platform.


Building a new ecology of public welfare and leading a new industry trend


"It is said that education is one tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushing another cloud, one soul awakening another soul. I think the same is true for public welfare." Ms. Zhang, a loyal fan of TIFP's New Power of Philanthropy program, mentioned that she "got into" the issue of "Why insist on teaching rural children to write poems" with Kang Yu as a guest, and has been sponsoring three poor students in the mountains ever since. Positioned as a platform to promote charity culture, this process from spreading touch to absorbing practice is the process of "sowing" the power of public welfare.


The original purpose of TIFP New Power for Public Welfare Program is to further bring the distance between the charity exhibition platform and the youth groups. By building an interactive community platform for young audiences, TIFP brings public welfare into young people's lives, and conveys the values of public welfare with more cutting-edge and innovative views and richer and more diverse forms.


After two seasons, TIFP has gradually gathered a group of young fans. In order to better leverage the brand influence of TIFP among youth groups, inspire new thinking, lead new practices, and attract more youth to learn new ideas, models and methods of public welfare, TIFP will build an interactive platform between youth groups and new forces of public welfare in the future, through the series of activities of "College Youth Roundtable" to provide opportunities for both sides to TIFP will build a platform for interaction between youth groups and emerging forces of public welfare, and provide opportunities for both sides to exchange and interact with each other through the series of activities of "College Youth Roundtable".


At the same time, TIFP will continue to broaden the topic areas, focus on the innovative practices of public welfare forces in serving people's livelihoods, and lead the new trend of industry development; relying on the international platform of the charity exhibition, TIFP will continue to promote exchanges and interactions between the new youth in public welfare and international exhibitors and participants, so as to learn from each other's domestic and international experiences and show the international community the new power of Chinese public welfare that is changing. Now, the third season of TIFP is underway.


Now, the third season of TIFP New Power of Philanthropy has launched the speaker recruitment program in August 2022. 52 speakers have been recruited since the launch, and the registered projects cover 18 provinces and cities in China, including Guangdong, Fujian, Hubei and Sichuan. The participating projects are diversified and specialized.


After several months of recruitment, selection and evaluation, eight speakers were selected for the third season of TIFP New Power Program on October 14, 2022, based on the multidimensional consideration and evaluation of 10 experts and scholars in the public welfare industry. Compared to the previous invitation system, the speakers for 2022 were recruited in an open manner, which not only provides a more convenient and open channel for grassroots public service organizations and projects to participate, but also further expands the visibility and influence of the program's brand.


"Public service is not just the full effort of one person, but the power of the vast majority of people. Every problem raised, solved and optimized brings us one step closer to a better life." The third season of TIFP New Power for Philanthropy Program has been upgraded leaps and bounds from the previous two seasons, actively empowering grassroots public service organizations through systematic training for selected emerging speakers and courses on brand communication and speech delivery. In the future, TIFP will continue to upgrade its brand influence to break the circle for the project, link the public more efficiently, and build a platform for sharing high-quality new knowledge in the public welfare industry; it will continue to open a new window for young people to know public welfare, understand public welfare and participate in public welfare, collide with sparks of inspiration and inspire innovative practices.


Source: South Daily