China Charity Fair "United Way Project" opens recruitment
发表日期:2023-03-25 13:54:18

This reporter learned from the China Charity Fair, in order to help the development of community charity, give full play to the important role of urban and rural community social organizations in the five community linkage mechanism, China Charity Fair, in conjunction with Tencent Charity Foundation, Shenzhen Huaqiang Public Welfare Foundation, Shenzhen Yinhua Public Welfare Foundation and other organizations, jointly launched the China Charity Fair "United Benefit Plan", through four major plan systems to support community charity. Through 4 major programs, we will support community philanthropic entities in all aspects, and open up the "last mile" of grassroots community governance and convenient community services.


The "United Benefit Program" is mainly through the "Online Training Program", "Offline Study Program", "Resource Linkage Program", and "Outcome Promotion Program". The "Outcome Promotion Plan" consists of 4 major plans, focusing on the painful and difficult points of industry development to implement precise empowerment support. Recruiting targets include: the persons in charge of community social organizations focusing on community service, charity support, cultural and sports association and rights protection; the persons in charge of organizations focusing on urban and rural community governance, community service and volunteerism, especially those in rural revitalization key areas; the persons in charge of organizations interested in engaging in or funding the above fields.


After being selected, they will have the opportunity to participate in all the activities of the "UNIAP" supported by full public welfare funding, including: professional growth empowerment support, insight into industry development opportunities, accurate resource matching, joining the lifelong learning exchange platform, expanding the scope of project reach, as well as course completion certificates, study certificates, and year-round resource services at charity shows.