Consolidating Forces Towards Goodness, Promoting High-Quality Development
发表日期:2023-09-17 17:00:00

As people and things are compatible in goodness,

Charity is a warm resonance in the world.

When the golden breeze brings joy in September,

Chinese charity forces are surging in Shenzhen.



On September 17th, the 10th CCF, with the theme of "Building Modern Charity, Gathering Efforts for High-Quality Development" and a duration of 3 days, came to an end in Shenzhen.

Under the guidance of General Xi’s important instructions for public welfare and charity industry and spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, it has adhered to regard the people as the center, and focused on the exchange of charity achievements, the docking of charity resources, the dissemination of charity culture, and the coordination of charity ecology, striving to promote the integration and complementarity of charity and high-quality economic and social development.

To gather upwards for goodness with one exhibition. More than 5,800 institutions, projects, and products participated in the exhibition nationwide, enjoying a record new high. In addition, more than 280,000 visitors attended the exhibition, with over 7.9 billion yuan of various charitable docking resources.

To benefit people's livelihoods with one exhibition. It concentrates on presenting innovative achievements and demonstration projects emerging from the participation of social forces in ensuring and improving people's livelihoods and promoting the development of social undertakings, and focuses on exploring charitable fields for the application of technological innovation.

To gather the overall wisdom with one exhibition. It organizes one theme seminar, 25 sub topic seminars, and community roundtable discussions, during which the experts and scholars share their opinions around the high-quality development of public welfare and charity, sparking resonance and inspiration.

Numerals and achievements are gathered one by one, showcasing the collective efforts towards goodness, which also highlights the great love of society, and demonstrates the breadth, depth, height, speed, and temperature of modern philanthropy.

Eleven years of benevolent wind and sound rain.

Eleven years ago in 2012, the only national, comprehensive, and international charity industry event in China was initiated, established, and permanently settled in Shenzhen. After ten years of journey and exploration, at present, it has developed into a platform for the exchange and display of public welfare and charitable projects in China, and an important window for China to showcase the achievements of charity development to the world, and to unite upward efforts for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country.

The 10th CCF is a milestone, recording the past; and is also a new starting point, allowing us to climb upwards and once again embark on the path of hope that follows the light.


Low-carbon Exhibition, International Event, and Digital Transformation

Striving to create a new benchmark for charity exhibitions in the new era

More environmentally friendly, international , and intelligent are the topics that people are passionate about at the 10th CCF.

Organizing green exhibitions and promoting low-carbon development of the exhibition industry.

The 10th CCF actively responds to the "dual carbon" strategy, focuses on ecological public welfare, adheres to energy conservation, and implements the green concept. In addition, it has adhered to the principles of green exhibition layout and green viewing, actively applied new materials and technologies to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction, and advocated for exhibitors and visitors to practice environmental protection concepts, striving to create a near zero carbon exhibition.

A special ecological public welfare exhibition area is set up on site, with a focus on showcasing outstanding projects and institutions in the field of ecological and environmental protection. Shenzhen Longgang District Science and Technology Innovation Sustainable Development Research Institute has created a zero carbon living experience area at the exhibition site, showcasing the global application of zero carbon technology in urban carbon neutrality and the two main themes of zero carbon and life on-site experience, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience ecological public welfare in close proximity.


The 'international style' has become intenser, and the 'circle of friends' has become larger.

This session highlights the internationalization of its organization, fully leveraging its platform role in promoting international exchanges and dialogues in the field of charity. There is also an international public welfare exhibition area, which has established a platform for cooperation and exchange between international public welfare charitable organizations, so that caring enterprises and public welfare organizations could achieve docking and exchange at the exhibition. What’s more, foreign social organizations such as the Chiang Mai United Charity Foundation in Thailand have also made their debut.

Hong Kong International Social Service, Social Innovation Design Institute of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club , Hong Kong Single Parent Association, Foster Worldwide, Guangzhou Greater Bay Area Social Organization Cooperation and Development Center, and other public welfare charitable organizations in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area have brought excellent characteristic projects such as education and international child protection services.

Highlighting digital transformation and achieving the 'never-ending charity exhibition'.

Offline, innovative exhibition venues are presented in a scenario-based and immersive manner, showcasing unique charity projects and livelihood technology products, so that visitors can experience the innovative achievements of high-quality development of China's charity industry firsthand. Online, relying on existing cloud exhibition platforms, it continues to provide various online display and docking services for exhibitors, thus achieving the "never-ending charity exhibition".


Collision of ideas, gathering cutting-edge wisdom to lead the development trend of charity

Carrying out brainstorm and discussion for innovation.

Conference discussion is one of the core sections of CCF. This year, it has launched the "1+10+N" conference system, organized and held one theme seminar, 25 sub topic seminars, and a series of community roundtable dicsussions, during which renowned experts and scholars would discuss the new path of high-quality development of Chinese charity.

On September 15th, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center was packed with visitors and nearly filled to capacity, in which the Theme Seminar of the 10th CCF was held. The lineup of attending experts and scholars could be considered top notch.

They have published insights, in-depth exchanges and consensus on how philanthropy with Chinese characteristics can shape a new development model suitable for Chinese path to modernization, how education donations can better support the future of China's basic research, and how to promote the in-depth integration and development of philanthropy and various fields, aiming to create a new situation of high-quality development of Chinese characteristic charity.


"Charity with Chinese characteristics should form a new development model that is compatible with Chinese path to modernization". ZHENG Gongcheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and President of the China Association of Social Security, stressed that China's charity development must follow the path with Chinese characteristics. Under the leadership of the Party and the government, it should take supporting the weak, promoting public welfare and serving the society as the background, and promote common prosperity as the highest goal.

SHI Yigong, President of Westlake University and Academician of the Chines Academy of Science, said that, "There are various ways of charity. In my opinion, educational charity is the most effective charity to change the fate of a person and a group of people."

MA Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen International Public Welfare Institute and Member of the Global Steering Committee for the Impact of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, said that when ESG (environment, society and corporate governance) becomes a trend and an ecology, "China's high-quality development trend will roll forward, and our sustainable development goals will be effectively achieved."

"The participation of social forces in the protection and activation of cultural heritage requires a participatory experience, an incentivized participation mechanism, and a professional and diverse atmosphere for public participation, "suggested LIU Yuzhu, Chairman of the China Foundation For Cultural Heritage Conservation.

"Enterprises need to establish public welfare values, feed back public welfare through business models, unite all forces in society with public welfare values, and realize win-win achievements in all aspects." KONG Dongmei, Chairman of the Dongrun Foundation, said that business for social good is an answer sheet for enterprises to face the challenges of the times and an opportunity for high-quality development.

DOU Ruigang, Executive Secretary General of Tencent Foundation and Vice President of Tencent Sustainable Social Values, said, "Technology is an ability, and upward to goodness is a choice. The core of tech for social good is to use technological capabilities to better care for people."

JIN Jinping, Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Committee of CCF, Associate Professor at Peking University Law School, Director of the Non-profit Organization Law Research Center at Peking University, proposed that, "To understand charitable services in a broad sense, it is extremely difficult to evaluate the social value of charitable services. However, in the absence of objective scientific tools, we rely on an inner judgment of whether it can be altruistic. In solving social problems, the spirit of voluntary service reflected in the field of charitable services is not possessed by market services and basic public services, and it is precisely this driving mechanism that enables it to last continuously."


The innovative ideas and practices of numerous speakers result in resonation and inspiration, which fully reflects the mission and responsibility of CCF as a national level platform.

The collision of ideological liberation and the exchange of innovative methods will undoubtedly provide valuable ideological support for the joint construction of modern charity and the promotion of high-quality development.

Consolidating People's Well-being, and Promoting High-Quality Development

Putting the people in the first place, and realizing mutual aid with charity.

General Xi stressed in the Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that, "It is necessary to guide and support enterprises, social organizations and individuals with the willingness and ability to actively participate in public welfare and philanthropy", which provides a fundamental guideline for the high-quality development of philanthropy in the new era and for promoting the better role of philanthropy in the new journey of comprehensively building a modern country.

Regarding compassion as the foundation, and taking good deeds to serve the people.

The 10th CCF continues to leverage its advantages in resource allocation, provide deeper and more accurate resource allocation services for participating projects, guide and drive more charitable resources to support and assist disadvantaged groups.

The CCCC Group has donated over 6.5 billion yuan to assist projects in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Yingjisha County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang, and other areas, including industrial revitalization investment projects. In addition, multiple institutions including Ningxia Baofeng Group ·Yanbao Charity Foundation, Shenzhen Agricultural Power, Shenzhen Benlai Life Net Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen LONGFOR Foundation, China Merchants Foundation, Ansteel Group Co., Ltd., and C&S Paper Co., Ltd. participated in the signing and docking activities of major resource projects, supported investment in related projects in the fields of "one old and one small", rural revitalization, education assistance, and assistance to disadvantaged groups, and focused on assisting Weining in Guizhou, Qichun in Hubei, Yecheng in Xinjiang, Shache in Xinjiang, and Qingyuan District in Jiangxi through industrial revitalization investment, consumer assistance procurement and other means, with a total of over 7.9 billion yuan of intended docking funds.


The scene at the charity exhibition where enterprises are striving to carry out good deeds provides us with a glimpse of the enormous enthusiasm of the entire society for public welfare and charity.

Tech for social good, and upwards with the wind.

The collision between technology and public welfare injects new strength into the development of public welfare and philanthropy. The "Tech for Social Good" exhibition area has set up a special application scenario observation and experience activity, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in the charm of "Tech for Social Good" through close interaction.

At the exhibition booth of the Zhejiang Zhijiang Development Foundation, citizens could gain a deep understanding of the application of Braille intelligent perception devices in real life, feel the technological power of tactile human-machine interaction technology to bridge the digital divide, and ensure equal education for visually impaired vulnerable groups. The "TCL Photovoltaic Low Carbon Campus" and "TCL Public Welfare Smart Classroom" projects showcased by the Shenzhen TCL Foundation have made citizens feel the charm of technology application in public welfare and charitable undertakings such as ecological protection and rural education.

In addition to the "Tech for Social Good" exhibition area, the 10th CCF also held an innovative case press conference on "Tech for Social Good", providing examples for more scientific forces to participate in public welfare and charity undertakings, and actively guiding social charity resources to invest in areas such as livelihood security. Tencent, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, and other companies and institutions participated in the case press conference on technology innovation for the better, sharing the latest achievements and cutting-edge exploration around areas such as elderly assistance, student assistance, and ecological protection.


Meeting public welfare, and witnessing beauty. At the two main theme pavilions of the Charity High Quality Development Achievement Pavilion and the Good Life Experience Pavilion, visitors could closely experience many innovative forms of public welfare projects. Brand projects such as the China Charity Image Festival and TIFP New Power for Public Welfare Program have enhanced the interactivity and public experience of the exhibition.

Focusing on the cohesion of people's well-being, and striving to build the CCF into a "demonstration platform" to accelerate the high-quality development of Chinese characteristic charity undertakings, and unite efforts for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country.


With deep love, to the better future.

The glory of charity shines in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a city of love, charity and volunteers, with a number of dedicated and caring individuals, enterprises, and public welfare institutions emerging to actively participate in charitable causes. The city and its citizens join hand in hand together for a better future.


Since the new era, the Party and the state have attached unprecedented importance to charity. The CCF, born in Shenzhen, has always adhered to integrating the power of charity into the trend of the times and resonating with it. In terms of innovating methods, expanding channels, gathering resources, creating an atmosphere and promoting culture, it fully leverages the platform's role to promote understanding, support, and participation in charity among all sectors of society, which has injected infinite momentum into the construction of modern charity, and stimulated strong cohesion and centripetal force towards the goodness.

A benevolent person loves others and also the world; carrying out mutual care for harmonious coexistence.

On this path of sunshine and hope, may all the people hold hands until eternity, just like the beautiful vision of "never-ending CCF", and the magnificent future of forever human charity.