Focusing on the CCF| Visiting the Exhibition and Checking in to Experience the Spirit of Public Welfare
发表日期:2023-09-16 18:00:00

Despite continuous rainfall in Shenzhen in recent days, the venue of the 10th CCF is still bustling with people. By checking in and collecting ten stamps, visitors can receive the "Chuangyi Box" charity blind box, which is a new activity launched by this year's CCF to attract more public attention and participation in charity. At the lobby guide in the exhibition center, the reporter also received a check-in map and followed many visitors to experience the check-in journey.

At the check-in point of the Digital Mulan Data Annotation Skills Competition, staff arranged visitors to sit in front of the computer and identify the content categories of several images. These recognition results can help artificial intelligence improve accuracy, for which county women have become members of the digital industry through computers and internet cables. Staff told reporters that in addition to artificial intelligence trainers, the project also includes new professions such as rural homestay butlers and township social workers that meet the needs of rural revitalization and social services, providing multi-dimensional assistance for women's employment.

At the Little Duck Gaga Sustainable Action check-in point, the staff presented various environmental protection measures in daily life and work to the reporter. Participants are asked to identify and categorize their characteristics, in order to promote the "zero waste" 3R concept of source reduction, reuse, and recycling. In front of the booth, endangered animals can also be endorsed and signed on the check-in wall to raise public awareness of ecological changes.


The "most exhausting" experience of the entire event may also belong to the Tzu Chi Foundation's "Goodwill Experience Check-in Trilogy". The reporter stepped on the environmentally friendly car to generate electricity, causing the screen in front of him to light up. The screen shifted from natural beauty to human pollution and environmental welfare behavior.


The charity plaque rubbings at the China Charity Museum, the "Five Languages of Love" test at the Inner Mongolia Huazi Social Work Service Center, and the immersive experience of the Temple of Heaven at Beijing Guocheng Wantong Information Technology all have their own unique check-in points, with audiences queuing up.


These small activities, which are full of wit and incorporate the spirit of public welfare, make participants full of interest. Ms. Zhou, a citizen of Longgang who has ridden the bicycle, said, "I haven't ridden a bicycle for a long time, which reminds me of the scene of volunteering." Ms. Zhou, from Longgang, Shenzhen, often picks up garbage with her companions on the greenway when she has free time. "If everyone is more environmentally friendly, pollution will naturally decrease and life will become greenery."

Mr. Zhou, from Dongguan Let Love Go Home Public Welfare Service Center, experienced other highlights of the project while participating in the exhibition. What impressed him the most was the diverse ways in which these check-in points interact. Through simple activities that everyone can participate in, people can better understand these charitable concepts; And what he admires the most is the popularity of the selected check-in points. "We will learn from these good experiences carefully and strive to be selected as a check-in point next year."

After collecting ten stamps, visitors can collect their prizes in the lottery area of Hall 2. The "Chuangyi Box" is a charity blind box solicited by CCF for society, which includes a variety of cultural derivatives with public welfare attributes, spirit, and creativity, such as handmade items, books, food, and so on. Ms. Li, who brought her child to the exhibition and received pistachios from agricultural products, told reporters that they spent over two hours completing 10 check-in tasks. "Prizes are the form, and conveying the spirit of public welfare is the purpose. Through these fun interactions, I feel that participating in charity is very meaningful."