The 1st CCF

The 1st CCF in 2012 found a way for benevolence and benefaction, built a platform for communication and cooperation, attracted 544 philanthropic institutions as participants, held 69 conferences and other relevant activities, achieved 272 intended projects, and provided financial aid worth 13.80 million yuan.


The 2nd CCF

CCF was growing into popularity in 2013. The 2nd CCF, with diverse participants, initiated the exhibitions of international cooperation and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. It drew 828 domestic and international institutions and projects, holding 103 conferences and other relevant activities, and directly facilitated the docking between a 1.708-billion RMB social philanthropic investment and 342 philanthropic projects.


The 3rd CCF

CCF concentrated on seeking innovative development and building brand influence in 2014. By initiating the docking system of philanthropic resources which highlights the platform function and core value of resource docking, the 3rd CCF facilitated 438 intended docking projects worth 5.079 billion RMB, an increase 297.37% over the previous year. It has laid a solid foundation for the “Everlasting CCF”.

The 4th CCF


CCF rapidly developed to socialization and specialization in 2015. Adhering to professional leadership, the 4th CCF continued to improve the socialized, standardized organizing mechanism. CCF Shenzhen Center, a private non-enterprise organization, was established through social donations, specializing in the overall operations and implementation of CCF. The 4th CCF attracted 2,588 domestic and international institutions and projects as participants, organized 584 conferences and activities, including information publishing, public benefit experiences and road shows, and facilitated 623 philanthropic docking projects worth 12.253 billion yuan.


The 5th CCF

CCF built its international influence in 2016. Focusing on the construction of philanthropic ecosystem, the 5th CCF held the international charity summit to enhance its international influence. Ban Ki-moon, the then UN Secretary General, sent a speech video online to show his concerns and wishes to CCF. This information was released synchronously on UN’s official Weibo. CCTV News also made the relevant report. Accordingly, the popularity and influence of CCF has been significantly enhanced around the world.

The 6th CCF

In 2018, CCF positioned itself precisely to channel efforts and facilitate the poverty alleviation mission. The 6th CCF reshaped itself as the representative of mission by widely mobilizing and guiding social forces to participate in poverty alleviation. CCF’s first poverty alleviation project exhibition for poverty-stricken areas specially focused on accurately matching exhibition resources. Nearly 13 billion yuan of funds were reached for intention helping and matching, and resources such as information technology services, financial support and employment training were matched because of the CCF. 

The 7th CCF

In 2019, CCF realized its transformation from a big fair to a popular one. The 7th CCF explored and established the long-term resource service mechanism integrating online and offline elements, and brough a popular and high-quality charity event through a series of measures, including momentum building, online crowdfunding, tech for social good, stereoscopic communication and experiential public welfare. A total of 133 charity projects were matched during the Fair and over 1.6259 billion Yuan of purchase orders of products of poverty alleviation through consumption were made, increased by 65 times from the previous event.

The 8th CCF

The year 2020 marks the closing year of CCF’s three-year mission on the poverty alleviation. The 8th CIF has made great efforts to overcome the impact of the COVID-19, achieved a new breakthrough in ensuring both safety and effectiveness of the exhibition, promoted the effective matching of charitable resources for poverty alleviation, and made a positive contribution to the battle against poverty for the overall prosperity. During the exhibition, 1,966 institutions and projects as well as 1,969 kinds of consumer poverty alleviation products were displayed and promoted, and a total of more than 13.52 billion yuan of intended matchmaking funds were reached, including 17 poverty alleviation projects with the matchmaking amount of over 8.22 billion yuan; in addition, 6 major industrial poverty alleviation investment projects were also promoted, with a total investment of 5.3 billion yuan. 

The 9th CCF

In 2021, under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the 9th CCF adopted a new form of digital exhibition online, creating "cloud display", "cloud meeting", "cloud docking" and "cloud experience", which has realized the transformation and upgrading from traditional exhibition to modern exhibition, and made due contribution to guiding and gathering social charity power to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, implementing the rural revitalization strategy, and further promoting high-quality development of charity in China. The exhibition attracted a total of 2,255 organizations and projects with 2,237 kinds of products to declare as exhibitors, which led to a total of over 3.74 billion yuan of intended matchmaking for project donations, procurement of consumption-assistance products and investment projects of rural revitalization.